Reference letter from customer

To Whom It May Concern:

SEG has been an exceptional service provider. They are extraordinarily professional and deals well with corporate representatives at a high level. They are technically proficient and works easily with technical support teams.

SEG has developed a business strategy that allows them to remain flexible to always meet our needs. They have great resources that allow them to successfully tackle any challenge and meet any deadline.

We have had nothing but wonderful customer reviews for every job we send them to. In fact many customers request his team by name. They have been a wonderful addition to our service network and highly recommend him.


Kara P.

Field Services Manager

Short Circuit Electronics, Incorporated



To whom it may concern:


When we just received our new security system DVR and camera from SEG we put it to use right away and were able to handle a burglar!  This burglar had been visiting our building for at least 2 months.  I was able to easily download video and pictures for the police. The DVR system is so user friendly and the cameras are very clear.  Although the police did not catch the burglar themselves, we were able to put a clear photo shot of him from the security DVR and place flyers on various parts of the building.  When the burglar returned again to our building he saw the photo of himself and tore it down.  We have not seen the burglar since! 

I highly recommend this company to all resident managers who are looking for a reasonable, easy to operate security system, and great service.


Jeanmarie O.

Resident Manager of The Kainalu Apts.



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