The Importance of Choosing The Right Fire Security Partner

The Importance of Choosing The Right Fire Security Partner

When it comes to choosing a partner in fire security, building owners, property managers and fit out companies cannot afford to make mistakes. After all, fire protection is vital for ensuring the safety of both the building’s occupants and assets. Choosing the right fire security company can seem like a daunting task and especially if the building or area in question has extensive safety needs and requirements.

While it can be tempting to simply opt for the most cost-effective option. It’s important to fully understand the services your provider has to offer and how trusted the business is. Here are a few tips on how to choose the best fire security company for your development and how we can help.


The most reliable and trusted security companies are usually those with an impressive portfolio of clients. Here at SEG Fire and Security, we’re proud to have worked with some of the Honolulu’s largest companies. As well as undertaking extensive projects including fire alarm installation in schools, colleges, factories, retail premises and even entire resorts.


Products and technologies are constantly changing and so your chosen security company needs to have a great deal of knowledge about which are the best products on the market. As an independent company, we ensure we only use the most advanced equipment and give impartial advice from an unbiased source.


All of our products are high quality approved and sourced from leading manufacturers and suppliers. From fire alarms to door entry systems, extinguishers and emergency lighting.


When choosing a security company, it’s vital that they are fully qualified to install and manage your security systems. All of our staff are fully qualified and they are accredited to national standards to ensure only the highest standards are achieved.


While the products are essential, it’s equally important to choose a company who will see a project through from the initial consultation right through to the follow up meetings after installation. If you need any adjustments or changes in the future you therefore need a company that is willing to help and offer you advice.


Here at SEG Fire and Security, Honolulu we offer a complete solution from design right through to maintenance. For a Honolulu fire security package which is completely made to order to your building and development. Get in touch with the team today on (808) 861-7275.

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