The Importance of Fire Safety Over The Christmas Period

The Importance of Fire Safety Over The Christmas Period

The festive season is wonderfully chaotic but what with Christmas bookings, the busy bustle of customers and decorating your premises, these tasks tends to take over. This leaves little spare time to think about more mundane topics such as fire safety. However, with fire services across the country attending hundreds of fire incidents in December each year. It’s clear that fire safety remains an issue and Christmas brings its own, unique risks!

Here are some invaluable tips for the Christmas period. They can help to ensure the safety of your commercial premises. As well as your staff and customers:

1. Fire alarm maintenance & Fire Safety

Christmas decorations are essential but your fire alarm shouldn’t be one. Ensure the alarms on all levels of your property are in good working order. Be sure you’re your team don’t get too carried away with the festivities that important fire drills and testing gets forgotten at this time of year! Commercial fire alarms, appropriate extinguishers and maintenance of these systems for restaurants, bars and other businesses should be prioritised. In order to maximise Fire Safety during this busy period and is something SEG can assist with.

2. Be cautious with candles and Christmas decorations

Candles undoubtedly create a cosy atmosphere. But they are a fire hazard. An open flame is even more dangerous when surrounded by festive decorations. Christmas trees and excitable customers. Especially, where alcohol is involved on your premises. It could be a recipe for disaster so be aware. Fire Safety is essential.


Christmas lights may seem a good alternative but older bulbs and worn wires may also mean lower safety standards. It is always best to buy from someone who you can trust. Check for the necessary safety marks.

4. Don’t overload plug sockets

Many types of Christmas decorations use electricity. While functioning decorations don’t pose a fire safety issue, overloading an electrical power outlet does. Remind staff not to plug too many decorations or devices into the same outlet. In order to avoid overheating and the threat of electrical fire. For that extra level of safety aways ensure that decorations with fuses in the plugs are being used where possible.

For peace of mind during the festive period, it is best to ensure that the appropriate fire safety equipment is installed. As well as properly maintained.

In the event of a fire, solutions such as suitable fire alarms and extinguishers may well be your saving grace in alerting staff. This means the incident can be dealt with to minimize damage. Therefore losses and closures at such a busy time of year.

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